Student loan debt varies greatly by state, with Washington, D.C., leading the nation both in the size of the amounts owed and the percentage of residents with debt, found a new study released Tuesday.

The average loan balance in the District of Columbia was $54,982 at the end of 2020, and 16 percent of the population had an outstanding federal student loan, said the study by the business insurance company AdvisorSmith.

Borrowers in Maryland and Georgia followed in having the largest amount of debt, with average balances of $42,592 and $41,255.89, respectively.

Fifteen percent of borrowers in Ohio and Georgia had student loan debt, followed by 14 percent in Mississippi, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, South Carolina, New Hampshire and Iowa.

In comparison, the average student loan debt nationally was $36,510 per borrower.

Borrowers in North Dakota had the smallest average loan balance, $28,402. Only 8 percent of Hawaii residents had student loan debt, the smallest percentage in the nation.