CUMBERLAND, Ind. – Police in Cumberland are investigating a burglary crime spree.  Detectives released surveillance pictures showing a man wearing a mask and gloves and grabbing what he can.

“This was thought out. He definitely planned to do these kinds of burglaries,” said Detective Sergeant Mark Waggoner with the Cumberland Police Department.

In the past month, there’s been eight reported burglaries, some on back-to-back days at the Knoll Ridge Apartments.

“That’s a huge uptick for Cumberland area,” said Detective Waggoner.

Detective Sergeant Mark Waggoner is working the case.  He isn’t sure if the same thief is connected to all eight apartment break-ins but it’s certainly a possibility he’s investigating.  All the crimes are happening in the middle of the day.

“He knows who’s coming and going. He’s seeing that daily and he’s targeting specific people who he knows will be gone,” said Detective Waggoner.

Cumberland Police tell FOX59 they routinely patrol this complex but in the past month they’ve stepped it up.  The police station is actually just down the street.

“We definitely take that seriously when we have this many burglaries happen so quickly,” said Detective Waggoner.

These surveillance pictures came from the fifth burglary. In that case, the thief was in and out in less than five minutes.

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