Authorities in the Hawaiian capital of Honolulu have urged beachgoers to take their valuables into the ocean rather than risk them being stolen by criminals.

In a message posted in the run-up to King Kamehameha I Day, a public holiday in the state of Hawaii, the Honolulu police department said people should instead invest in a “waterproof bag” in which they can keep their valuables safe.

“For those enjoying the beach, don’t leave valuables unattended on the sand,” the message read. “Instead, use a waterproof bag that you can take into the water with you.”

Social media users were understandably perplexed.

“How about arresting, prosecuting and locking up criminals?” one user wrote on Instagram.

“People no longer have safe and wonderful weekends in democrat run, crime-ridden cesspools,” added another on the X plaform.

According to Hawaii News Now, the warning comes amid a surger in crime across the island:

“It is a real problem. It’s been getting worse. There’s more and more every week, especially with summer out of school,” said one beach boy.

At a Waikiki Neighborhood Board meeting in April, HPD reported more than 160 thefts in the area that month. Some say they see why police are urging caution.

“You can never be too safe. If you have to take an extra precaution, it’s too easy to do so,” said a beachgoer.

“I don’t think it’s over the top. If you’re out for the day and taking all your cash and phones, you do have to be careful,” said another.

To the surprise of nobody, Hawaii is run almost exclusively by Democrats. The state currently has a Democratic governor, two Democratic Senators and Democratic super majorities across both houses of the Hawaii State Legislature.


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