CRAWFORD COUNTY, Ind. — A southern Indiana judge who continues to be mired in controversy since her involvement in an Indianapolis shooting in 2019 has decided to step down from her race for re-election only weeks before the Indiana primary.

Crawford County Judge Sabrina Bell was one of three judges involved in a shooting outside a downtown Indianapolis White Castle on May 1, 2019. On Wednesday, she posted on social media that she was stepping down as judge and suspending her campaign after another recent incident.

The Crawford County Republican Party stated sheriff’s deputies recently responded to an incident involving Bell. Details have not been released about what the incident entailed but the Crawford County Republican Party said the information has been turned over to a special prosecutor and to Indiana State Police.

“A Senior Judge has also been appointed to take over the Crawford County Court. All of this took place last week,” the Crawford County Republican Party stated.

“My time will come friends and I will share with you everything,” Bell said in a public Facebook post. “I have nothing to hide and no reason to hold back any longer. I’m looking forward to speaking my truth and being able to heal from it and being free.”

Previously, Bell’s controversy stretched back to Indianapolis where she and two judges from Clark County were reportedly out drinking on May 1, 2019, and decided to go to the Red Garter Gentlemen’s Club in downtown Indy at 3 a.m.

Left to right: Andrew Adams, Sabrina Bell and Bradley Jacobs

After finding the gentlemen’s club closed, the judges walked to a nearby White Castle on South Street. Documents state that Bell was intoxicated at the time and flipped off two men in an SUV who reportedly yelled something while driving past.

Two men — Alfredo Vazquez and Brandon Kaiser — exited the SUV and a physical altercation ensued with two of the judges being shot by Kaiser. Court documents show Bell never attempted to de-escalate the conflict and instead assisted in provoking the men.

The other judges involved in the incident were Andrew Adams and Bradley Jacobs, both of Clark County. Bell was suspended after the incident. Adams pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery. All three judges were charged with misconduct.

Kaiser was charged with multiple felonies for the shooting. In February 2020, Kaiser claimed self-defense in the shooting. Still images from the shooting outside the White Castle were submitted as evidence in his claim.

Brandon Kaiser and a surveillance still from the White Castle shooting

A jury trial for Kaiser is currently set for May 9.

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