Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has elected to say yes! 

On May 19, the U.S. representative for New York confirmed on Twitter that she is engaged. The politician—best known as AOC—retweeted a Business Insider article on May 19 announcing the big news with the caption, “It’s true! Thank you all for the well wishes.”

Alexandria will wed her longtime partner Riley Roberts. “We got engaged last month in my family’s hometown in Puerto Rico,” she told Business Insider. “No future details yet, we’re taking some space to savor this time before diving into planning.”

The couple met while studying at Boston University as undergrads. They broke up after graduating but rekindled their romance in New York. Riley, who works in marketing, played a large role in AOC’s primary campaign, as seen in the 2018 documentary, Knock Down the House 

The documentary’s filmmaker, Rachel Lears, told Insider in 2019, “Everything from the emotional to the strategic to the practical, he has been a really important partner to her.”

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