INDIANAPOLIS — The community is rallying around the family of two of the people shot and killed in the Greenwood Park Mall shooting on Sunday.

A food fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday, according to the organizer Diana Escobar. She told FOX59 they’re trying to do whatever they can to help the Pineda family with funeral expenses.

Pedro Pineda, Rosa Mirian Rivera de Pineda and Victor Gomez were all shot and killed in the Greenwood Park Mall on Sunday. The Johnson County Coroner confirms each died of multiple gunshot wounds.

FOX59 spoke briefly with the family of Victor Gomez, he was the first person shot in the mall. His family said they have no statement at this time and are asking for privacy as they grieve. They did say there is no GoFundMe to support the family at this time.

Each of the people killed was a member of the Latino community here in Indianapolis. Marlene Dotson, the President and CEO of the Indiana Latino Institute, said it is a tremendous loss for the Latino community here in Indianapolis.

“This incident shatters our sense of safety in a public place where we shop with our families and friends,” Dotson said.

Greenwood Police said Victor Gomez was shot first as he walked toward the bathroom the shooter was coming out of.  Rosa and Pedro were killed when police said the shooter turned his attention to the food court. The couple was eating dinner when they were hit.

“We’re no longer safe whether its a school or park or any location,” Dotson said.

Dotson said Latinos make up more than 8% of Indiana’s population and the number of Latinos living in Greenwood and using the Greenwood Park Mall has been growing.

“The presence of our Latino community attending the mall, going shopping to the mall, yes, has increased tremendously,” Dotson said.

On Monday, Greenwood Police Chief James Ison told reporters a motive was still being investigated. Dotson said it’s possible the shooting could have been racially motivated but she is waiting for more information.

“We will be ready to provide any updates once we receive more information,” said Dotson.

Going forward, Dotson said the best way to support the Latino population as they mourn is supporting the family and community as a whole.

“All of us are no different from anyone in this community,” Dotson said. “We are Hoosiers, we are part of this community.”

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