Aberdeen City Council members are facing a lawsuit from two residents claiming the council failed to act by not removing councilwoman Tiffany Langer for no longer residing within the district she was elected to serve.

The court filing cites Facebook posts along with housing documentation to claim Langer, at least for a time did not reside in the Southeast District which she serves on the council.

Langer announced on July 28, 2021, despite her husband Scott accepting the job as head coach of the Fargo Force in Fargo, North Dakota, she would stay in Aberdeen, keeping 2413 South Merton Street as her permanent residence. Evidence the lawsuit points to as proof Langer for a time did not reside in the district includes social media posts on both Facebook and Instagram.

The lawsuit also cites Langer contacting the City Treasure’s office and instructing the office to switch the name on the water, sewer, and garbage bill for 2413 S. Merton Street to a different name. On May 9, 2022, Langer also entered into a Contract for Deed with the people she also put water, sewer and garbage in the name of. A Contract for Deed is defined as a sale of land which provides the buyer will acquire possession of the land immediately and pay the purchase price in installments over a period of time. The seller retains legal title until payments are complete.

Langer released a letter publicly two weeks ago about a private detective asking questions about her children for city council business. It has come to light since then this private investigator was likely asking questions pertaining to this issue of residency.

A person with knowledge of situation said it is believed Langer will continue serving the southeast district while the lawsuit plays out. Aberdeen City Attorney Ron Wager declined to comment as he is still figuring out his role in this situation.

Aberdeen Mayor Travis Schaunaman released the following statement to Dakota Broadcasting:

“The council and I were served today. I had a chance to review the case and speak to a few council members. I don’t think we should have let it go on this long, but we were sympathetic to her and took her at her word. The state law and charter are clear and this evidence appears pretty straight forward to me. We’ll have to wait to see if the court agrees with that assessment.”

Langer herself responded only to say the lawsuit has no merit and has retained legal representation for any questions moving forward.

(Story courtesy of news partner Dakota Broadcasting.)

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