Google is making it easier for users to search for tabs, bookmarks, and history from the address bar with new shortcuts. You can now type @tabs, @bookmarks, or @history to begin searching for websites.

Tab search is probably the handiest feature out of the lot. Chrome already offers tab search, but you have to either click on the bottom arrow icon to open the search bar or remember the Shift +Cmd (Ctrl) + A shortcut. Mentioning @tab and quickly searching for an open tab from within the address bar makes it easier.

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If you’re trying to open a duplicate tab, the address bar will show that you already have that tab open, and you can go to it by clicking on the “Switch” to this tab option.

Chrome open tab in the address bar

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For searching bookmarks, you had to open the bookmark manager through the bookmark menu. The new @bookmark shortcut lets you search through across shortcuts. You can also use the new @history shortcut in a similar way.

Image Credits: Google

Some of the new-generation browsers such as the Arc and SigmaOS encourage users to have as many tabs open in the background as they want to. Users can then access these tabs quickly through a search bar or keyboard shortcuts. Chrome is offering similar accessibility to tabs, bookmarks, and history through these new shortcuts.

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