Ladies and gentleman, this is  Chris Long speaking.

Former NFL lineman Chris Long long had a reputation as being one of the league’s biggest, most thought-provoking and entertaining personalities. Those traits have followed him well into retirement.

On Thursday, Long showcased his personality once more, by engaging in a fairly simple Twitter troll job of Texans running back Mark Ingram. 

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Ingram tweeted his disappointment with United Airlines, seemingly upset with the airline’s handling of his missing luggage, which didn’t seem to make it onto a flight with him.

“Hey @united y’all just gon not put my checked luggage on the plane?!.” the tweet reads. “I have appearances and events now I have no clothes. Smh i tried y’all out and ima try to avoid it from here on.”

Long used the opportunity to troll Ingram, changing his profile picture and display name to the United Airlines logo and “United Airlines,” respectively. 

“You’re rich. Buy clothes,” Long said in the quote tweet. 

To make matters funnier, Long later changed his Twitter bio to further keep up the illusion.

Afterward, Long changed his display name back and Twitter header photo to an image that reads “Not United Airlines.”

Ingram and United Airlines all had a good time with it; Ingram’s issue was eventually resolved, and the airline avoided more bad publicity by going back and forth with Long in a light-hearted exchange.

In the end, Ingram got his clothes, United had some fun and Long keeps his Twitter account.

As always, please check Twitter handles to make sure they’re legitimate.

Also make sure that your seat backs and tray tables are in their upright and locked positions.

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