Chinese land purchases near strategic military bases in the United States are causing even more concern about the amount of political and strategic power the country wields in America.

In recent years, entities out of the People’s Republic have purchased countless acres of U.S. farmland, some of it near military bases critical to America’s national security.

The purchases, and other apparent infiltration of the American homeland, underline an alarming fact about China’s ability to project power.

According to the New York Post, Chinese investors own more than 349,442 acres across the United States.

At least 19 of these foreign holdings are located in worrying proximity to domestic military bases.

The important posts include Fort Leonard Wood, Fort Irwin, the Yuma Proving Ground and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The last installation is perhaps one of the most troubling. Wright-Patterson AFB hosts personnel assigned to the Nuclear Command, Control and Communication Integration Directorate.

“The directorate advises [Air Force Global Strike Command] on the [Nuclear Command, Control and Communications] Weapon System’s technical architecture and informs key decisions regarding investment and modernization,” an Air Force fact sheet explains.

“The directorate is also responsible for the weapon system’s configuration management, system test, system verification, and system certification.”

Wright-Patterson AFB not only plays a key role in the maintenance and modernization of our nation’s nuclear stockpile, but also houses a number of strategic air wings, as well as intelligence and research centers.

Now, the base is neighbors with a property owner out of China, a country infamous for exerting powers and privileges in supposedly privately-held companies.

Are we really to believe that all the base-adjacent real estate being purchased across the country is simply an innocent coincidence?

Seen in the light of other disturbing facts about China and its activities against the United States, the land purchases become much more concerning.

Recently, a surveillance balloon launched by the People’s Republic transited much of the continental United States, passing military posts and other sensitive sites along the way. Other balloon launches have passed over enemies of China and strategic locations.

President Joe Biden’s administration was either unwilling or unable to stop the balloon over the U.S. until it cleared a vast majority of the country.

Countless Chinese are also among the millions of foreigners who have poured over the southern border in recent years. It’s unknown how many people from China have crossed into the United States.

Amid the swarm over the border, it’s likely that foreign governments have used the chaos to infiltrate their own agents into the American interior.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, it became clear what a small but well-organized and dedicated group is capable of. Just 19 men took active part in multiple coordinated hijackings that Tuesday morning, and reshaped the world as we know it in a matter of hours.

Now imagine what a few hundred dedicated people could do, especially with heavy foreign investment and access to acreage near U.S. military installations.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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