Supreme Court Justice John Roberts told a group of lawyers and judges that he is appalled by the draft opinion leak, but he has expressed nothing about the possibility of overturning Roe.

John Roberts Is Appalled By The Draft Opinion Leak

CNN reported:

Chief Justice John Roberts said Thursday that the leak of a draft opinion that would strike down Roe v. Wade is “absolutely appalling” and stressed that he hopes “one bad apple” would not change “people’s perception” of the nation’s highest court and workforce.

In his first public appearance since the leak on Monday, Roberts also said that if “the person” or “people” behind the leak think it will affect the Supreme Court’s work they are “foolish.”

The Supreme Court’s Approval Ratings Are Plummeting

In all fairness to Chief Justice Roberts, there is growing speculation that the draft opinion was someone on the right because Roberts is working to flip the court against overturning Roe.

Roberts was not among the majority supporting the draft opinion, but if the Chief Justice is worried that the Supreme Court will be perceived in a negative way due to the memo leak, he is too late.

The Supreme Court currently has a negative approval rating.

The Supreme Court doesn’t have just one bad apple. It has five bad apples who want to take rights away from women.

It would be nice to see Chief Justice Roberts express as much concern for American liberty as he does about a leak.

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