Why eLearning Content Is King But Distribution Is Queen

According to a recent survey by My Learning Hub, 47% of respondents state that user adoption is a top L&D challenge within their organization. Join My Learning Hub in this session with Thomas Bellamy, Head of Business Development and Sales at My Learning Hub, to learn how to create a stellar User Experience and ensure a smooth onboarding process. This event is sponsored by eLearning Industry.

Why User Experience Can Make Or Break Employee Engagement

Organizations are competing with a myriad of distractions when it comes to employees’ attention spans, especially if they’re working remotely. One of the most effective ways to break down the barriers and form an instant connection is to create an amazing User Experience. You need to prioritize user adoption so that every member of the team can access crucial training resources. Equally important, they must be aware of the breadth of training opportunities that are available to them in the first place.

About This Webinar

Delve into consumer tech best practices for User Experience to learn how to set the bar high for user adoption in your organization. Here’s a brief sneak preview of what My Learning Hub will explore in this live event:

  • Find out about the user adoption challenges that companies face
  • Compare B2B User Experience with the best practices in B2C
  • Discover how others have overcome these barriers—and how you can do, too
  • Learn how the right tool can help you cultivate learning in the workplace
  • Explore our framework for user engagement and adapt it to your organization

How To Attend The Session

Register for eLearning Content Is King, But Distribution Is Queen: How To Change Your Training Delivery For A Better User Experience And Higher Employee Engagement to discover a practical step-by-step framework that you can apply in your workplace.

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