Since 2017, I’ve partnered with dozens of amazing Black food bloggers to create a virtual potluck menu full of delicious and culturally relevant recipes in honor of Black History Month. It is such a treat for me to bring these amazing creatives together every year! We collectively seek to enrich understanding and appreciation for the ingredients, recipes, and stories that connect us no matter where we are in the world. 

Participating blogger Marwin Brown of Food Fidelity says, “For me, the Black History Month Virtual Potluck represents an opportunity for Black creatives to promote, preserve, and progress Black food culture in a way that not only celebrates, but also elevates it.”

Despite being forcefully dispersed worldwide during the transatlantic slave trade, African enslaved people found solace in food traditions brought over from their native lands. They had to adapt these traditions to the harsh living conditions on plantations. Ingredients like okra, cornmeal, rice, yams, peanuts, collard greens, and watermelon have roots in Africa and were brought over to provide sustenance for enslaved people and were later cultivated by enslaved people on plantations. Many of the foods in America that we classify as soul food today are emblems of African American history. 

This compilation of recipes from the American South, Africa, and the Caribbean offers creative takes on ingredients and cuisines tied to the African diaspora. 

I can’t imagine a better way to honor our legacy and remember our contributions to American and global food history than by serving up a plate from this delicious list of recipes. Check out all the fantastic Black creatives in the potluck and show them some love when you give their recipes a try. You can also follow our initiative on Instagram by searching the hashtag #BHMVP2021.

Meiko Temple


Meiko is passionate about stories that amplify POC, drive cross-cultural exploration and enrich the understanding of African diasporic foodways.

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