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Thanks to guys like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, the delta variant will have an even easier time causing sickness and death. Extremist politicians in Florida and Texas (and unfortunately a number of other states) are doing everything they can to block mask and vaccine mandates in government, schools and in the private sector.

Even though businesses like the idea of happy, healthy customers who aren’t dying, DeSantis and his right-wing pals (formerly known as “pro-business conservatives”) are trying to block businesses from requiring proof of vaccination. Far too many Republican politicians are attempting to hitch their stars to the anti-vaxx, anti-mask crowd.

It is mind-boggling that we are still arguing over face masks at this point in the pandemic and is even more nuts that we are fighting about life-saving vaccines. (If so many people hadn’t rejected the vaccines, we probably wouldn’t even be talking about face mask mandates now.)

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