This week, Cardi B wore a watch that we can only describe as a true “WAP.” You know: Wow, Amazing, Patek! Cardi wore a version of Patek Philippe’s World Time, which tracks the time in every one of the world’s time zones, released in an edition of 75 back in 2017. Along with folks like Rihanna and Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi is leading the charge for women who love watches. The Instagram page Dimepiece is dedicated to the growing number of women collectors, there when Mary-Kate Olsen wears her Rolex Day Date, the Hadids go shopping for an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, or when Nicki Minaj shows off a super-rare Richard Mille. And as more women embrace watches, more executives are sitting up and paying attention. The result is a move away from gendering watches and more women-focused marketing, according to a recent Business of Fashion report. Of course, when you’ve got an ambassador like Cardi B, you’ve got a head start.

Photo courtesy Cardi B

Cardi B’s Patek Philippe World Time

The World Time is one of Patek Philippe’s crown jewel models. Nearly every iteration of the watch, which Patek updates every handful of years, becomes a favorite among the brand’s collectors. This iteration of the watch is the women’s version of the model—Cardi’s bright blue model succeeded a previous brown one. Cardi’s is extra special, too, because although it’s built to keep eyes on the globe, it firmly retains its New York roots: on the dial is a drawing of the city’s skyline.

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

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