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The pressure’s off, Capricorn! For your sign, 2020 was unusually charged. Not only did the world turn completely inside-out, but you felt it poignantly as a rare trio of planets—Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto—stalked their way through Capricorn all year. This literally hasn’t happened in centuries, so if you’re feeling like you deserve a page in the history books just for making it through, you’re correct! (Allow us to write you a tribute…)

In January, Jupiter and Saturn begin their first full month in Aquarius, where they’ll spend much of this year activating your second house of work, money and security. Get ready to hunker down and start building your Sea Goat C-Suite, or whatever your next empire or endeavor shall be! Certainly you’ve had some big ideas in 2020, and now it’s time to pick a couple of the winners and build those out. 

You may still be “sorting the crops” and innovating while the Sun’s in Capricorn through January 19. But once the Sun shifts into Aquarius that day, you’ll be fully ready to start making tangible plans. Just get started before Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks on January 30, sending you back to the drawing board to perfect your mission.

Week 1: January 1-10
Let the good times roll

Ready for some fun? Since June 27, you’ve been steeped in heavy emotional vibes thanks to Mars making an extended trip through Aries and your domestic, sensitive fourth house. Family and household matters may have become all-consuming at times. Your moods could have been intense and fluctuating, or perhaps you were dealing with a lot of tension under your roof—which was only exacerbated by the pandemic.

The upside? Motivator Mars could have inspired a cottage industry or all kinds of enterprising personal developments at home base. But there’s been a LOT of energy swirling around.

On Wednesday, January 6, Mars enters sensual Taurus and your fun-loving fifth house of passion, creativity and fame until March 3. This shift will help you look and feel more upbeat again. Don’t be surprised if you start attracting attention as magnetic Mars boosts your charisma and confidence. A passionate romantic cycle begins now as well—one that will include a steamy Valentine’s Day, pandemic be damned.

Ready for a mini-makeover? Why not pull out that head-turning outfit that’s had nowhere to go for months? Even if it’s only to glam up your webcam presence, now’s your moment to stretch a bit beyond comfort mode, ditch the sweatpants and bring a splash of glamour back into your life. If your passion for a creative project has wilted, you’ll find plenty of fresh playful energy to draw upon now—and it’s bound to lift the spirits of everyone you interact with.

Week 2: January 11-17
Money or honey?

The saying “no romance without finance” could ring true this week as planets cluster in the passionate and profit-driven zones of your chart. Hotheaded Mars and disruptive Uranus are both making waves in Taurus and your expressive fifth house, heating up your love life or making you crave attention to an unusual degree. Your inner “artiste” could also make a strong showing.

But a more practical counterforce is also at play as expansive Jupiter and stodgy Saturn, both in Aquarius, power up your second house of work, money and routines. Should you follow your heart and its windswept beat…or roll up your sleeves to tackle your to-do list?

Your first dance with that question arrives on Wednesday, January 13, when Mars and Saturn lock into a tense square, pulling you in both directions. Impatient Mars could ratchet up egos or make you want to hedonistically pursue pleasure and whims. But stern Saturn won’t take kindly to impulsivity, especially if you neglect your duties or overspend. In love, slow down and get real about whether your values align. Your attraction may be strong, but that won’t be enough to go the distance.

The next day, Thursday, January 14, things get interesting. Radical Uranus ends a five-month retrograde in Taurus, which could send your love life in an unexpected new direction. Single Caps should NOT get too committed to the first person who comes along as some interesting new options could arrive before Valentine’s Day! Tech-savvy Uranus can bring luck on the dating apps, especially since confident, charismatic Mars is also in here, steaming up the windows and making you quite the attention grabber. Remember that there IS such a thing as “bad publicity,” Capricorn. Keep your ego and temper in check.

Also on Thursday, the confident Sun and powerhouse Pluto make their once-a-year mashup, and it’s happening in YOUR sign. Debut a stunning new image, share one of your transformational ideas or make a big ask. Get ready to captivate a few key decision makers. Don’t worry about pleasing people or overshadowing anyone; you’ve got the mic for this rare opportunity, so rock it and be heard!

A day for big changes—ready or not—arrives on Sunday, January 17, when two of the most freedom-seeking planets, Juclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” piter and Uranus, lock into a stressful square. This only happens every seven years, and you can be pulled in dueling directions as you strive to break free of anything that feels confining. With Jupiter in your work and money house, that could be some aspect of your job or financial obligations. And as Uranus shakes up your fifth house of romance and creativity, your inner “wild child” could make a destructively rebellious showing.

Is it time to issue your two-week notice, Capricorn, or to finally demand conditions that make your work feel fair and satisfying? We’re talking about everything from how much you’re paid to the conditions and expectations of your role. This Jupiter-Uranus square is your chance to speak up instead of being the dutiful soldier!

Week 3: January 18-24
Keep your impulses in check

Touch down on terra firma and roll up your sleeves. This week, four heavenly bodies assemble in innovative Aquarius and your second house of work, money and security. On Tuesday, January 19, the Sun departs your sign and moves into Aquarius, joining Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in the Water Bearer’s domain until February 18. The rest of January is an industrious time when you can make headway on your 2021 intentions.

But watch out for a dramatic interruption or interlude midweek. On Wednesday, January 20, hot-blooded Mars will collide with radical changemaker Uranus in Taurus and your passionate, expressive fifth house. Egos and tempers might flare out of left field, or you could find your hands full with a heated situation that completely takes you out of the zone.

Is that Cupid making an early showing…or a cosmic cameo? The Mars-Uranus mashup in this lusty sector could spark up an out-of-the-blue attraction. An unexpected love affair could ignite or possibly bring surprising pregnancy news for Caps of that demographic. You could get an exciting offer that you want to rush into, especially with these two impulsive and volatile planets fusing their firepower.

You could be torn between the urgent pleas of head and heart on Saturday, January 23, when strident Mars and hasty Jupiter lock into an embattled square. Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are the three most rash, brash planets in the solar system, and having them all in such tight proximity this month will certainly turn up the intensity.

But if you must listen to one dueling force over another, tune in to your heart. Also on Saturday, the Sun makes its once-a-year conjunction with your ruler, Saturn. This sobering day asks you to take an unflinching look at your life (think of it as an “eat your vegetables” transit). While the energy can be harsh and even pessimistic, it will also snap you out of any denial that could be leading you toward a bad decision.

As the Sun and Saturn merge in Aquarius, your work and money are in the hot seat. Are you following a budget that actually fits your lifestyle? Are you earning more than you spend, putting anything away? If you don’t like what you see, Capricorn, don’t beat yourself up. Just get real about the changes you might make. Correcting course won’t happen overnight, but if you reach out to a mentor or professional or put in the responsible changes, you can turn the tide.

Week 4: January 25-31
Financial flow returns

Time to manifest your dreams! The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn rev up your revenue and pump up productivity—with a special emphasis on new cash streams.

On Tuesday, January 26, the Sun in Aquarius will square off against disruptor Uranus in Taurus, echoing the tension of the January 13 Mars-Uranus square. One part of you wants to blow off work and have fun while your ambitious side is laser-focused on productivity. Try to strike a balance between duty and desire so you don’t snap! You may need to stand up to a bullying person or even a well-meaning but pushy type who’s trying to strong-arm you into doing things on their clock instead of your own.

Strong feelings can’t find anywhere to hide on Thursday, January 28, when the year’s only Leo full moon blossoms in your eighth house of intimacy and joint ventures. A connection that’s been budding since the August 18, 2020, Leo new moon could become ultra-official—or you might decide to suddenly call things off. This is a full moon of extremes, so you’ll likely either be in or out—halfway’s not going to cut it.

On the upside, this full moon could deliver a financial windfall (perhaps a gift or news of an investment or real estate sale) or something that makes a relationship feel more permanent, from a proposal to a pregnancy to plans to merge your assets in some way.

Even better? Today, the Sun will conjunct expansive Jupiter in its once-a-year meetup, known as the Day of Miracles and considered by astrologers to be one of the luckiest days of the year. Your luck will be focused in ingenious Aquarius and your money zone, so you may find yourself ready to expand your reach through technology in ways you hadn’t thought of—or dared to try— before. Your confidence will be high—are you ready to make a very big ask? Chances are the answer today will be YES!

Don’t wclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” ait, though, because on Saturday, January 30, communication planet Mercury will go retrograde until February 20. Mercury will back through Aquarius and your fiscal second house. After all your forward progress, money could get funny, and work could be riddled with drama and tech issues (the Zoom meeting that won’t recognize your mic or camera, anyone?). If you’re suddenly facing clients delaying or demanding unreasonable deliverables, blame back-spinning Mercury—and comfort yourself knowing the glitches will be over by February 20.


Passion ignites…at last! For the past six months, firebrand Mars has been in Aries and your sentimental fourth house, intensifying your moods and feelings. You may have felt like you were on a bit of an emotional roller coaster since June 27, 2020, the start of this extended cycle. For the record, this transit was four times longer than a usual Mars visit! So if you’re feeling a bit motion-sick, we don’t blame you!

On January 6, the red planet finally moves on to Taurus and your passionate, charismatic fifth house, rebooting your libido and blessing you with the It factor. Now, that’s more like it! Between now and March 3, Mars will heat up this frisky (and fertile) sector. At the least, it should bring the desire to feel sexy again; at the most, it could foretell of a pregnancy for those of the childbearing demographic.

Stage a photo shoot, revamp your wardrobe, change up your headshots. You’re ready to feel glamorous and be noticed for it once again. Buh-bye, homebody; hello, hotness!

Two days later, Venus awakens from a sluggish spell in Sagittarius and your hazy twelfth house that started on December 15. If you’re mojo’s been in slo-mo, Venus comes to the rescue! As she tours your sign through February 1, Venus helps restore your magnetism and sense of romantic adventure. Spruce up your appearance; commit to a fresh start in your romantic life.

Want a day to focus on? Try January 9, when love planets Venus and Mars form their annual harmonious trine. You’ll be utterly captivating, so make sure eligible admirers (or your amour du jour) can bask in your gorgeous glory! You’ll be feeling bold and confident, so this is a powerful day to let someone know that you’re interested in them. Don’t be shy about making that first move.

Key Dates:

January 9: Venus-Mars trine

Bring on the lasting love! As affectionate Venus and passionate Mars harmonize in stable earth signs, you could have true romance with all the trimmings—sensuality and stability. Skip the “come here now go away” players and their mixed messages. A partner who makes you feel secure is suddenly the most attractive catch in town. Coupled? Mark a long-term relationship with a thoughtful gift to let your mate know how much you cherish them.



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