WEEK OF January 25 – 3 1, 2021

Intimacy and friendship may be like oil and water this Tuesday, January 26, as the loving Sun in your eighth house of soulful bonding clashes with provocateur Uranus in your social sector. As the nurturer of the zodiac, you tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, which is generous. But sometimes you miss (or misread) clear signs that someone—an energy vampire, say—is using you, and, in your kindness, you keep on giving. Tuesday could bring events that force you to take notice.

It could be that a manipulative or unconfident person may put you to some weird “loyalty test,” which is never appropriate among friends or colleagues. Don’t even consider agreeing to their self-serving terms. It may not be easy for you, Crab, but ask yourself this very tough question: Do you get enough from this person to have them in your life now? You don’t need to tell them what you’re thinking. You only owe it to YOU to act on your decision.

Make it rain, Cancer! This Thursday brings the year’s full moon in Leo, which illuminates your second house of money and security. As a moon of completions, this could signal that your efforts of the past six months are finally coming to fruition. Have you made some big changes in your professional life, savings plan or perhaps just how you think about your finances? All these actions are ruled by the second house, and proud and creative Leo energy can help you manifest your desires.

But what’s your obsession: a career change, more income from the same work, being able to tighten your belt without depriving yourself? Don’t feel like you have to reinvent yourself BY yourself, though. There are plenty of folks—friends, relatives, professionals for hire—who can give an assist. Reach out to people in high places, including previous bosses and colleagues, who might be able to help you get a toe in the right door. If you like the status quo, leverage any kudos this full moon brings to score yourself a raise or promotion.

Thursday is also “The Day of Miracles” as the Sun makes its annual connection to bountiful Jupiter in Aquarius and your “all or nothing” eighth house. If you want to move the needle on a business relationship, you may have to play hardball—with a soft touch. Lovingly assert your bottom line and be prepared to exit if your requirements can’t (or won’t) be met. But with ardent Venus and magnetic Pluto aligned in Capricorn and your relationship house on this very same day, you can apply this tactic to your romantic relationships, too. We’re betting you’ll get exactly what you want and need!

There’s an asterisk at the end of the week, however. On Saturday, mental Mercury shifts into retrograde in Aquarius and your intense, passionate eighth house. This can pull the emergency brake on a budding attraction, give you second thoughts about an intimate relationship or bring an old flame back into your life. As exciting—or frustrating—as these things can be, remember that with the mindful planet off-course, your judgment may be cloudier than you realize, and your desires may vacillate. During this emotionally volatile time, err on the side of emotional caution. Steer clear of anyone who triggers your self-doubt or questions your integrity—that’s a bright red flag for projection!

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