WEEK OF April 11 – 1 7, 2022

On Tuesday, you may get swept off on a fantastic (and possibly romantic) voyage! For the first time since March 17 1865(!), the zodiac’s dreamy nomads, Jupiter and Neptune, align in Pisces and your ninth house of wanderlust. Suddenly, home is the last place you’ll want to be. Follow that uncharacteristic urge and find your bliss. Pack a few bathing suits and sundresses into a carry-on and go visit your friend who lives near the beach or find a retreat that’s calling your name. Some Cancers could take a short journey in the name of love, jetting off to have a face to face with that sultry someone you’ve been seeing. Coupled Crabs, this might be the week to book that spontaneous baecation. No matter where your platform sandals are planted, this boundary-blurring transit can make you uncharacteristically candid. Feelings you’d normally bottle right up could come flowing out. Grab an instrument, paint set, cooking supplies, whatever! Under Tuesday’s boundlessly imaginative skies, these may be best expressed through a creative medium.


Just when you thought your horizons couldn’t broaden further, wait for Thursday. For the first time in two years, red-hot Mars zooms into Pisces, joining Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in your intrepid ninth house until May 24. A distant corner of the world might lure you with its sweet siren’s song—and so, too, could a journey with a watery Piscean theme, like a dip in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon or a splash in the Caribbean Sea. Closer to home, make a point of connecting across cultural divides. You may be the one who finally organizes the neighborhood diversity and inclusion missions, drawing together neighbors who may be uncertain about how to connect to each other. All it takes is one person to get the ball rolling, Cancer, and with your natural nurturing powers, why NOT you? This vital Mars phase can get your spring fitness resolutions off to a running start. You’ll feel fired up and restless, so moving your body more often can also keep your temper from boiling over. The ninth house is also a temple of truths and this Mars phase can awaken your inner seeker. Turn that vacation into a pilgrimage to a sacred destination.

DO reserve some attention for domestic matters on Saturday, as the year’s only full moon in Libra lights up your fourth house of home and family. A Cancer’s home is always their castle, but under this lunar lift it could also become your temple. What would it take to turn your digs into a setting that would delight all of your senses? First things first: Location, location, location! There’s no point in rearranging the furniture if you’re living in a dreary basement apartment. Don’t let your innate thriftiness prevent you from looking around. Upgrading to a more suitable space (or a neighborhood that shares your values and has a “scene” you love) could be more affordable than you realize. Even if you ARE staying put, you want your abode to be functional for 2022 Cancer. That might mean setting up a more inspiring area for developing a business plan or writing a book.

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