MONTH OF January

Monthly Snapshot

Ready for a little fun in ’21, Cancer? Here it comes! Your ambition’s been on fire since the second half of 2020 started, and you could have made serious headway on some key goals. Relationships have been percolating, too—and given the conditions of the world, it’s amazing how unstoppable you’ve been in the face of things.

That said…are you edging into burnout, or just ready to mix things up? This January, your social life sparks up once again. True, much of it may be virtual. But once the collaborative camaraderie starts heating up, you’ll still get the warm-fuzzy feeling of bonding with supportive and like-minded people. Join a mastermind, initiate a daily or weekly group call or hop into virtual workshops.

Another part of you will savor having more privacy because Jupiter and Saturn are spending their first full month (of a long visit) in Aquarius and your intimate eighth house. While Mars has you branching out to new connections, this cosmic duo also wants you to stock your innermost circle with power players, perhaps even teaming up for a potent business or romantic connection.

As one Cancer friend of ours sheepishly confessed, “I don’t really mind having to stay home. Is that bad?” Not to make light of the pandemic, but home IS your happy place. You love nesting and working in your comfiest clothes—at least from the waist down, where the webcams don’t pan (“business on the top, party on the bottom,” anyone?).

Speaking of webcams, you’ll want to back up your data and devices before Mercury, the planet of all things digital and communicative, turns retrograde on January 30. Since the quicksilver planet will impact some of your closest ties, you’ll want to make sure you have everything clearly spelled out between you before the end of the month.

Week 1: January 1-10

A social life reboot

Commune with your Crab crew! A nearly two-month cycle of networking and collaboration begins this week, and you couldn’t be more ready for it. Much as you love your solo time, you equally enjoy bonding with kindred spirits. And the feeling is mutual—as you could soon find yourself in high demand for every meeting or Zoom game night. Even if you can’t get together IRL with people, you can make generous use of online platforms and virtual groups to forge new connections and strengthen existing ones.

What’s causing this spike in your popularity…not to mention the strong urge to branch out beyond your usual clique? On Wednesday, January 6, go-getter Mars wraps up an extended six-month visit to Aries and your career-driven tenth house, which has kept many Cancers focused on professional goals at the expense of your personal life. Next up: Mars will pay a visit to Taurus and your teamwork sector until March 3, and the invitations will start rolling in again.

With Mars in Aries since June 27, 2020, you may have felt excess pressure around work and other responsibilities. This transit also amplified job stress—or gave you anxiety about finding or keeping a job. Long hours and short deadlines may have had you burning the candle at both ends. Perhaps there were weighty duties on your shoulders as you kept your squad afloat during the pandemic.

On the upside, it’s possible you achieved some important recognition for all your hard work. You may have been totally fired up about a project, even happy to put the blinders on and obsessively work on your pet project. But at times you may have felt like the burden was too great to carry alone.

From January 6 until March 3, Mars will blaze through Taurus and your eleventh house of collaboration and technology. Even if you keep working away, you don’t have to do it alone! Now’s the time to create new friendships and build your dream team. With all this hyped-up energy in your group sector, it’s less about what you “do” and more about “who you know.”

Could your tech skills use an upgrade? Invest in getting current on apps, social media or any digital platforms that can increase efficiency. Are you ready to launch that podcast you’ve been thinking about? Dive in! Freshen up your online profiles too; you could draw attention from a powerhouse group so you’ll want to put your best and most current face forward.

Week 2: January 11-17

A shell of a dilemma

Commune with your clique or hibernate in your cozy shell? You’ll be torn between dueling desires for group hangs and private encounters this week, which could create some stress. Balancing alone time and together time will be key. Make sure you don’t overbook yourself with meetings and meetups, whether virtual or IRL. But don’t leave your calendar so blank that you plummet into the post-holiday winter blues.

This week, activators Mars and Uranus are both making moves in Taurus and your eleventh house of group activity. But they’ll run into resistance from expansive Jupiter and staunch Saturn in Aquarius and your private, controlling eighth house. As Mars and Uranus push you into the public eye or a team setting, Jupiter and Saturn are feeling more controlling than democratic, cautioning you not to give away your power too readily.

It all begins on Wednesday, January class=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” 13, when speedy Mars locks into a tense square with cautious Saturn. The effect can feel like having one foot on the gas, the other on the brake. While you may be tempted to rush into a collaboration, Saturn warns you to read all the fine print. Make sure you’re not signing away your rights or leaping too quickly into a situation that’s hard to pull out of if things go south.

Have you been feeling isolated—or, on the flip side, overwhelmed by too much group or screen time (hello #ZoomFatigue)? This Thursday, January 14, changemaker Uranus ends a five-month retrograde in Taurus and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. A collaboration that stalled mid-August could pick up speed, especially on a virtual basis. You could be inspired to re-engage with the world, perhaps getting involved in a cause you care about. Don’t overthink it! With zero planets retrograde for the next two weeks, it’s a great time to make decisive moves.

Also on Thursday, the Sun and powerhouse Pluto make their once-a-year meetup, communing in Capricorn and your seventh house of partnerships. Being part of a dynamic duo could seriously build your cache. Look for people whose skills complement yours, but beware coming across as opportunistic—and steer clear of anyone who gives you “user-friendly” vibes!

Do you think you’re better off alone? The pull between going deep in one direction versus keeping things open-ended gets extra strong this Sunday, January 17, when two of the most freedom-seeking planets, Jupiter and Uranus, move into an embattled square. This only happens every seven years (the last Jupiter-Uranus square was in 2014).

Should you hold your cards close to your vest and wait for a bigger, better opportunity? Jupiter in your strategic eighth house could have you thinking this way. But impulsive Uranus in your group activity zone makes you want to leap into a collaboration and let the chips fall where they may.

Neither is right, as tends to be the case with planetary squares. Weigh your options before deciding which direction to take. This could play into a business partnership, a friendship or a romantic relationship. By keeping things exclusive, there’s opportunity to grow—but there’s a whole other adventure waiting if you give yourself breathing room and DON’T commit. The losses and gains seem equally stacked in either direction. When in doubt, wait it out!

Week 3: January 18-24

Temper your emotions before you act

Hunker down and set your notifications to “do not disturb,” Cancer. On Tuesday, January 19, the Sun shifts into Aquarius and your private, internal eighth house until February 18, joining Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in the Water Bearer’s lair. Although your social sector is revved up, make sure to set aside quality one-on-one time for that special person or pet project.

But good luck getting any uninterrupted time on Wednesday, January 20. That day, hyperkinetic Mars and radical changemaker Uranus link up in Taurus and your eleventh house of group activity, making all collaborations extra dynamic. But you’ll also be a bit of a live wire, which could rub people the wrong way.

The energy is fast, sharp and erratic, and if you get too caught up in that, you could come across as overwhelming or even as a loose cannon. (Think of fellow Cancerian Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire…or on Oprah’s couch.) If you feel suppressed in a group, that could bring out an explosive or reactive side of you. Don’t let your ego get the best of you, Crab. Demanding to be heard might get you the floor, but it could also leave other people feeling strong-armed into doing things your way. You’ll win the battle but lose the war when they’re left feeling bulldozed and resentful.

Another day to keep your emotions in check arrives class=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” on Saturday, January 23. Rash Mars and impulsive Jupiter lock into a tense square (, which could bring out your inner know-it-all. There could be power struggles and ego trips. But before you engage, ask yourself: What are you really trying to achieve here?

A bit of temperance arrives today as the “me first” Sun makes its annual conjunction with sober and restrained Saturn. As these two connect in Aquarius and your intimate eighth house, you could get a harsh reality check. Perhaps someone you trusted, even poured emotional or financial resources into, is turning out to be a less-than-stellar investment. Maybe you rushed to confront someone or got swept up in the excitement of an idea before conducting your research.

The Sun-Saturn conjunction is often a harsh or pessimistic day, a moment that can feel like you’ve been put in the penalty box. But during such a volatile week, this transit could act like the “adult in the room,” stopping you from doing something self-destructive based on raw emotion. Better to request a few more days to think something over than rush into a bad decision. (Our advice: Set your sights on the illuminating full moon of January 28!)

Week 4: January 25-31

Sharing is caring—up to a point


Intensity is afoot this week, with a big batch of cosmic action brewing in Aquarius and your eighth house of intimacy, shared resources and investments. The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are all crowded together in this loyal sign, placing unusual emphasis on the chart zone where you deeply merge or join forces with others.

On Tuesday, January 26, the Aquarius Sun will square off against disruptor Uranus in stubborn Taurus, echoing the tension of the January 17 Jupiter-Uranus square. Once again, you could feel pulled between your desire for privacy in a tight, intimate circle and the adventurous allure of collaborating with a larger, more inclusive group.

Do you cave to the crowd or follow your inner GPS? Early this week, your intuition could send frantic signals to not go along with the herd or share your state secrets with someone who hasn’t proven themselves trustworthy. And why should you, Cancer? You don’t have to divulge private information to anyone—not even your closest confidantes—until you’re ready. But make sure you’re not being SO secretive that you miss an opportunity to team up with a powerful person who can advance your cause.

Here’s an idea: Sit tight until Thursday, January 28, when the first full moon of 2021 arrives in lucky Leo and your second house of work and money. La luna will rev up your revenue and bring a potentially profitable project to a turning point. If you’ve been job-hunting or in line for a raise or promotion, these moonbeams could manifest that with a roar! Ready to ditch a self-defeating habit and get your resolutions in gear? Start now.

Even better? This Thursday, the Sun will conjunct expansive Jupiter for its once-a-year meetup, now dubbed the Day of Miracles and considered by astrologers to be one of the luckiest days of the year. As these luminaries unite in innovator Aquarius, they could bring news of a joint venture, an investment or a large financial windfall. In your personal life, the Sun-Jupiter conjunction might herald an engagement, a sexy soulmate connection or a move toward more permanent status. The sky’s the limit with these two abundant and confident planets in sync!

Strikeclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” while the iron’s hot though, because on Saturday, January 30, Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, will turn retrograde in erratic Aquarius until February 20. As Mercury scrambles signals in your intimate eighth house, old embers of mistrust or jealousy could flare up. With Aquarius’ independent, free-ranging energy at play, an ex (yours or your partner’s) could make an unexpected guest appearance. Tempting? Maybe. Toxic? If so..step away.


Love has been all about goals since the beginning of summer, thanks to passionate Mars marching through Aries and your tenth house of long-term plans since June 27. This extended visit (four times longer than usual!) ends on January 6. If you’ve been anxious about where things are going or overly fixated on the future, that should change after the first week of the year.

From January 6 to March 3, Mars will freestyle through Taurus and your eleventh house of platonic and casual connections. The vibe should lighten up, and you could be attracted to someone in your friend group or who you meet online. Even if you have to keep things virtual with COVID restrictions, you won’t mind as much. Right now, you don’t feel like being overly pinned down with anyone!

And yet…things could get deeper than you expect after January 8, when romantic Venus shifts into Capricorn, igniting your committed relationship house until February 1. Even if you’re just getting to know each other, you’ll still be able to playfully and candidly talk about the future.

For couples, spending time together can be lighthearted and fun after January 8—and that’s a good thing since it’s likely you’ll be together a lot. Give each other lots of space and respect the other’s autonomy, which you’ll also be needing in large doses.

On January 9, Venus and Mars form a supportive 90-degree trine. Sparks could fly with a friend and you might get more experimental with your mate. With the love planets aligned in grounded earth signs, as long as you talk about your feelings and respect your partner’s needs, there’s almost no limit to how far you can stretch.

Key Dates:

January 9: Venus-Mars trine

Bring on the lasting love! As affectionate Venus and passionate Mars harmonize in stable earth signs, you could have true romance with all the trimmings—sensuality and stability. Skip the “come here now go away” players and their mixed messages. A partner who makes you feel secure is suddenly the most attractive catch in town. Coupled? Mark a long-term relationship with a thoughtful gift to let your mate know how much you cherish them.



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