John Szczecina, the former manager of a Rancho Cordova Shell station, made a rounding error when setting the price of the station’s gas on June 9. Customers enjoyed gas priced at 69 cents per gallon for a few hours as a result, costing the station $20,000 and Szczecina his job. 

Szczecina’s sister Paula Jackson set up a GoFundMe page last week in the hopes of raising enough money to pay the gas station back.

The page collected more than $24,000 from over a thousand people in a few days, but before long Szczecina received a memo from his former employer’s human resources department saying they wouldn’t accept the money, KCRA reported.

“We initially set-up this GoFundMe with the intention to pay the gas company with all funds collected. Unfortunately, we did try to pay them but they have denied payment and do not want to accept the funds we collectively raised,” an update on the GoFundMe page says. 

The money raised will now go toward supporting Szczecina and his family, the update says. Since this differs from the fundraiser’s original purpose, donors have until June 28 to request that their money be refunded. 

Szczecina, who is currently looking for a new job, is just thankful people donated in the first place. 

“I’ve just been awestruck, I’m still in shock, you know. It just makes me feel like there’s good in this world and it’s worth fighting for,” Szczecina told KCRA. 

SFGATE assistant news editor Joshua Bote contributed to this report.

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