Surveillance video captured a pair of burglars cutting a hole in the wall of a Hemet business before making off with thousands of dollars’ worth of collectibles.

The break-in happened May 25 at Pozjoker Games in Hemet, with the thieves taking high-end collectibles, including rare Pokémon cards.

Working as a team, the pair apparently first broke into an empty business next door and then proceeded to break a hole in the wall to get into Pozjoker Games.

“He breaks the wall. You can see in the video like debris coming off from our side,” Pozjoker Games employee Javier Cortez said.

The hole is just large enough for one person to go through. As one of the thieves acts as a lookout, the other enters through the hole and ransacks glass displays.

He then goes back through the hole and the pair take off.

“I looked up every card and made a full log of everything, and he took about $13,000 worth of stuff,” owner Pierre Cepeda said.

Cepeda believes the same duo may be responsible for at least five commercial burglaries over the past few weeks, including a nearby boot store and a nail salon.

Surveillance video captured also captured two burglars outside a barber shop across the street. A separate video from another barber shop shows a suspect who looks very similar to the one who targeted Pozjoker Games.

Cepeda believes the burglary team will continue to target small businesses, but he’s hoping someone will recognize them and call police.

“That the part that’s not fair. How can someone go out, be stealing all this stuff and not face any consequences?” Cepeda said.

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