Two British citizens have been arrested after being accused of attempting to smuggle $6.48m (£5m) worth of cocaine from Ghana to London.

Around 166kg (366lbs) of the substance was seized at Kotoka International Airport in the Ghanaian capital, Accra, on Monday.

The suspects were scheduled to board a British Airways flight to London Gatwick Airport.

Ghana’s Narcotic Control Commission alleges that the pair hid the cocaine, which was cut into 72 slabs, across six suitcases.

The commission and the UK Crime Agency conducted the sting operation together.

Ghana is a significant transit point for illegal drug trafficking to Europe and the United States, prompting authorities to intensify surveillance at the country’s ports.

In 2022, the Ghanaian authorities witnessed a substantial surge in drug seizures, amounting to a record-breaking total of 59.9 kg worth of illicit drugs found.

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