The 11th Hour with Brian Williams is a MSNBC news show that comes on late at night. As with any of these political news shows, Williams covers a few stories of the day and then brings in guests to discuss their opinions on those stories. On Thursday night, Williams had on neoconservative Bill Kristol and writer Baratunde Thurston to discuss House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s trip down to Florida to lick the boots of disgraced, twice-impeached president Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Ostensibly, the meeting was an attempt by Republican leadership to try and get Donald Trump to not primary their 2022 GOP candidates with more Marjorie Taylor Greene-type fascists.

Telling the two men that he wanted them to watch what Williams called “the first video—exclusive video—out of this meeting today between McCarthy and Trump,” Williams’ show transitioned to a clip from the successful 1996 Tom Cruise film Jerry Maguire. If you’ve seen the film, or even just remember the film, you know exactly which clip played. When Williams came back to his guests, he played it so drily that some people thought it was really a prank played on 11th Hour itself, saying “we were sold a bill of goods here … and someone is going to be, of course, in big trouble.” It wasn’t. It was a reminder of the perverse and cloying commitment some Republicans seem to have developed to Donald Trump in order to touch power.