Bruno, the Bolick family dog, is frequently featured in her social media messages. [Photo via Facebook]

Arizona Rep. Shawnna Bolick was handed a Twitter timeout Saturday, apparently in response to a photograph she shared Friday night of her dog with what appears to be a stuffed donkey toy in its mouth.

The dog -an Italian Greyhound- appears to be playfully mouthing the toy, with no shed of stuffing or fabric in sight. However, it is impossible to tell from the image whether the toy was Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, Donkey from Shrek, or a generic donkey such as has been a symbol of the Democratic Party since 1870.

With the photo, Bolick wrote that even her dog “knows socialists need to be eradicated.” Someone at Twitter then decided Bolick needed time to reflect on the tweet which apparently was considered by the company as a threat of violence or glorification of violence.

Bolick had spent several hours on Twitter on Friday calling out some media outlets -and a few specific reporters- for errors and omissions in articles about a Washington Post report published earlier in the day. The headline of that article suggested Bolick was “pressed” by Ginni Thomas, the wife of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, to “reverse” Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 General Election.

The Washington Post’s article referred to two obviously mass-generated “form letter” style emails sent by Thomas’s company to Bolick’s legislative email account. Although the headline uses the word “reverse” that word does not appear in either of the emails sent to Bolick on Nov. 9 or Dec. 13, 2020.

And public records show Bolick replied Nov. 10, 2020 to one of the emails by referring Thomas to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office if she had any evidence about election fraud.

“The media world is thrown into a tizzy over the fact that I suggested this individual file an election complaint,” Bolick tweeted on Saturday.

The local reporting of the Washington Post article also resulted in some articles incorrectly suggesting Bolick’s son is the godson of Justice Thomas. The truth is that Bolick’s stepson Todd is the godson in question.


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