What has Billy Eichner saying, “Jesus Take the Wheel?” Being blocked by the one and only Carrie Underwood.

“It was one of the great thrills of my life,” the Bros star recalled during a Sept. 27 appearance on Watch What Happens Live“There was a thing where during the height of COVID, she retweeted a speech by some Republican guy saying that kids shouldn’t have to wear masks in schools. And she kind of let her political views be known for the first time.”

Eichner said he thinks his reaction to her post led the American Idol alum to hit the block button, saying, “I guess I made some jokes about that that went viral on Twitter. And I guess she didn’t like that.”

Back in August 2021, the comedian tweeted a screenshot that showed he had been blocked by the country singer.

“ICONIC,” he captioned the tweet.

Followers were in a frenzy, asking Eichner what he did to get blocked by the super star with one user writing, “Why?! What did you do Billy?!”

It seems fans may finally have their answer after his latest interview.

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