A flash poll of SOTU watchers by CNN found that Biden’s speech was a major hit.

Video from CNN on their flash poll:

CNN reported:

Again, this is a poll of speech watchers, and a more Democratic-friendly audience overall, because it’s a Democratic president. Tonight more Democratic than the country at large. But we asked people, did Biden’s policies — are they going to move the country in the right direction or wrong direction — 71% said the right direction. 29% said the wrong direction. But I want to compare that 71% to what people thought prior to the speech — we were able to look pre-speech and pro speech. You will see, hear the movement of people who thought his policies would move the country in the right direction. Prior to the speech, 52% of the speech watchers said they believe Biden policies would move in the right direction and then after the watch in the speech that went up to 71% — we see something similar on the economic policy specifically Anderson.

So, it’s 66% of speech watchers said Biden’s economic policies move the country in the right direction…I think it was roughly, maybe, 50% of these folks, so that his economic policies would move the country in the right direction. But after the speech, that went up to 66%. That is exactly what the White House is looking for on the eve of the president, likely to announce a reelection campaign.

Biden gained nearly 20 points on the question of whether his policies move the country in the right direction, and the President gained 16 points on his economic policies.

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President Biden’s speech was a major hit. Before his address, polling showed that the American people didn’t know much about Biden’s economic accomplishments. After his SOTU, Americans are more informed and more supportive of his policies.

The difference is that Biden had an uninterrupted conversation with the American with no media filtering involved. If the American people understand what Biden is doing, they like it.

All of this is great news for the President and Democrats, and a giant red flag for Republicans who think that they can win back the White House in 2024.

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