The Biden administration is poised to dramatically expand the scope of weapons it’s providing Ukraine, U.S. officials said Tuesday, with the Pentagon looking to send Mi-17 helicopters that can be equipped to attack Russian vehicles, armored Humvees, and a range of other arms.

Preliminary plans circulating among government officials and lawmakers in Washington also includes howitzer cannons, coastal defense drones and protective suits to safeguard personnel in the event of a chemical, biological or nuclear weapons attack, the officials said, though they cautioned that it was not immediately clear if all of those items would end up in the final package.

Specifically, the Ukrainians have asked for helicopters and Humvees along with a wide variety of other weapons as the war with Russians transitions to a different type of battle in the eastern part of Ukraine.

Reports are that Putin wants to end the Ukraine invasion and declare some sort of victory on May 9. If this is correct, the Ukrainians will have a brutal and intense month of fighting ahead of them.

President Biden has lived up to his word and been there to support democracy and Ukraine. Biden’s commitment is not going to weaken. Outside of fighter jets, the President has given Zelenskyy whatever he requested.

Joe Biden’s spine of steel and commitment to Ukraine is one of the reasons why the Ukrainians have had the resources to match their heart in this war.

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