President Biden issued pardons and commutations for 78 people who were non-violent offenders. Trump used his pardon power to help his friends and allies.

In a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, President Biden announced:

America is a nation of laws and second chances, redemption, and rehabilitation. Elected officials on both sides of the aisle, faith leaders, civil rights advocates, and law enforcement leaders agree that our criminal justice system can and should reflect these core values that enable safer and stronger communities. During Second Chance Month, I am using my authority under the Constitution to uphold those values by pardoning and commuting the sentences of fellow Americans.

Today, I am pardoning three people who have demonstrated their commitment to rehabilitation and are striving every day to give back and contribute to their communities. I am also commuting the sentences of 75 people who are serving long sentences for non-violent drug offenses, many of whom have been serving on home confinement during the COVID-pandemic—and many of whom would have received a lower sentence if they were charged with the same offense today, thanks to the bipartisan First Step Act. 

My Administration is also announcing new steps today to support those re-entering society after incarceration. These actions include: a new collaboration between the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Labor to provide job training; new grants for workforce development programs; greater opportunities to serve in federal government; expanded access to capital for people with convictions trying to start a small business; improved reentry services for veterans; and more support for health care, housing, and educational opportunities.  

As I laid out in my comprehensive strategy to reduce gun crime, helping those who served their time return to their families and become contributing members of their communities is one of the most effective ways to reduce recidivism and decrease crime. 

While today’s announcement marks important progress, my Administration will continue to review clemency petitions and deliver reforms that advance equity and justice, provide second chances, and enhance the wellbeing and safety of all Americans.

Biden Has Returned Pardons and Clemency To The People

President Biden is not pardoning people because they are political allies and friends. Biden is issuing his pardons and granting clemency as part of a policy process related to criminal justice reform and policies that are intended to reduce recidivism and correct the injustices imposed by flaws in sentencing.

To President Biden, pardons and clemency aren’t gifts to be bestowed on those who are loyal. Pardons and clemency exist to remedy situations where the punishment is unduly harsh or for people who have paid their debt and rehabilitated themselves.

Biden’s use of his powers is another step in government being returned to the people.

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