Before he departed to visit Puerto Rico to announce new aid, President Biden said that Puerto Rico had been mistreated after the previous hurricane under Trump.


Biden said before departing, “I’m heading to Puerto Rico because they haven’t been taken very good care of. They’ve been trying like hell to catch up from the last hurricane. I want to see the state of affairs today and make sure we push everything we can. ”

President Biden was right. It is almost criminal the way Trump mistreated American citizens who live in Puerto Rico.

After he failed to provide the full help of the federal government after the island was devastated by a hurricane, Trump demanded that the Puerto Ricans express gratitude to him for the neglectful federal response.

Trump tried to trade Puerto Rico for Greenland because he thought that Puerto Ricans are dirty.

When Trump finally arrived in Puerto Rico, he didn’t hand out food and supplies. Instead, he threw rolls of paper towels at the crowd.

Donald Trump intentionally mistreated Puerto Rico for racist reasons, but President Biden is going to try to make things right and get the island the aid that it has always deserved.

A real president is coming to Puerto Rico, and he is going to deliver real help to his fellow Americans.

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