The cult leaders Charles Manson, David Koresh, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Marshall Heff Applewhite and Jim Jones led their followers to disastrous endings, and in many cases some of their followers lost their lives as a result of following them.

Those dubious leaders sought power and control over their followers for all the wrong reasons; nevertheless, they were great at convincing people to follow them without providing any concrete evidence that it was good for their followers or America.

Today, the cult leaders and their supporters are using anti-democratic tactics and strategies — lies, conspiracy theories, racial hate and violence, anti-Christian precepts and autocratic ideas — to convince their would-be followers to do the dirty work of destroying our democracy. They are trying to make America into their own image — a personal plaything for themselves.

It is time to thoroughly check and test what these cult leaders and their supporters are doing, not what they are saying, in order to stop their attempts to destroy American democracy.

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