Highway 1. 

Highway 1. 

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A man who died in a crash north of Ragged Point, “the gateway to Big Sur,” in early April has been identified, KSBW Action News reported

According to the outlet, the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that 92-year-old John Wheatley of Castro Valley died in a rollover crash and drove off a cliff. Following the fatal crash, Wheatley’s vehicle remained 700 feet below the cliff for days, the San Luis Obispo Tribune said.  

There have been multiple crashes on Highway 1 this year: In February, KSBW Action News and KION-TV reported that one person died in a three-vehicle crash between a Freightliner, a Toyota Camry and a Dodge Durango in Monterey County. Then, in March, NBC Bay Area reported that three people were injured after a cement truck and car collided in El Granada, the coastal area of northern San Mateo county.

Aside from serving as the longest state route connecting Los Angeles and the Bay Area, the popular 656-mile highway is known for its “scenic” and “sweeping” views. In 2019, SFGATE reported that the famed coastal road has appeared in numerous car commercials, collective social media feeds and the lauded HBO drama “Big Little Lies.” Subsequently, following the rise of Instagram, it’s become a beacon for tourists who have been accused of illegally camping in the area, damaging local wildlife and walking in the middle of the highway to pose for photos. 

SFGATE managing editor Katie Dowd contributed to this report. 

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