Wausau, WI –  Newly released Change Research poll shows that Dr. Gillian Battino is the strongest candidate in the primary and puts her squarely in the driver’s seat heading into the final 12 days of the primary. After all bios are read, Gillian Battino leads by a whopping 35%, garnering 43% to Angelito Tenorio and Aaron Richardson’s 8%. This poll was done before paid media was put into the race. Gillian is the only candidate investing in statewide television and Milwaukee radio with a buy of over $250k.

“This poll clearly shows that Gillian has the right message for the moment in Wisconsin. It shows that people want qualified leaders at all levels of government who are unafraid to say the word abortion, and recognize that access to comprehensive reproductive care is essential to economic security.”

-Nick Maines

Battino Campaign Manager

“I am humbled by this result. It shows that my message of economic security, reproductive justice and equity for every Wisconsinite resonates. I have spent the better part of the last ten years in Guyana and Nicaragua building their healthcare infrastructure. When I began to see advanced disease that I typically saw in lower middle income countries happening with increasing frequency here at home, I knew that it was time to bring my experience to government. I am in this to fight to help create a healthy economy that works for all Wisconsinites.”

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