After five years of working in fashion, I’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to trends, so much so that very rarely am I surprised by the otherwise puzzling fads that come and go on a weekly basis. Belly chains, whale tails, and $200 pre-ripped tights don’t phase me, nor do pant-heels and those Y2K-era platform flip-flops. Even so, the latest trend to go viral on Instagram has me admittedly stumped. Once you see it, I can almost guarantee that you will be too.

Stemming from what TikTok is calling “Adam Sandler Summer” is a puzzling trend that despite being the antithesis of chic, is quickly becoming one of the most talked about of the season: basketball shorts. Indeed, some of social media’s most trusted style sources are wearing the knee-length, mesh, or shiny polyester shorts that every 12-year-old boy dons on repeat. And get this: They’re doing so unironically, all in the name of dressing like Adam Sandler. 

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