For Dave Portnoy, there is a new set of rules: Wear sunscreen. 

The Barstool Sports founder shared that he was diagnosed with skin cancer.

“I did have cancer. I beat it,” the 47-year-old captioned a June 19 X video, in which he tells coworker Rico Bosco. “It wasn’t the serious kind thank god.  I can’t tell if Bosco thinks cancer is funny or not.”

When Bosco tells the mogul he didn’t know Portnoy had cancer, Portnoy—who had a bandage on his neck covering his 10 stitches—explained, “I don’t make a big show of this. I’ve got a scar going all the way down my neck. I look like Frankenstein…I’m gonna make it.”

Later, Portnoy went into more detail about his diagnosis, noting he attributed it to being in the sun without proper protection.

“It’s tough to complain,” he explained on the June 19 episode of his BFFs podcast. “I lay in the sun. It was a mole. I’m starting to get on top of myself, so I went to a doctor and did a skin thing. They scraped it, and one of them came back cancerous.”

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