100 Percent Fed Up reports – At least 42 people were found dead inside an 18-wheeler on the Southwest side of San Antonio, TX. According to multiple San Antonio Police Department sources, 16 others were taken to area hospitals, and the death toll could rise.

 Several emergency vehicles are at the scene.  Border Patrol agents have just arrived.

Dillon Collier, a KSAT reporter, says: “Multiple SAPD sources tell me it’s at least 40 people dead. Sixteen others were taken to area hospitals in varying conditions. The death toll could rise.”

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KSAT reporter Patty Santos shares an image of the back of the trailer where the people were found and where the dead and seriously ill people were discovered.

Leigh Waldman of KSAT reports a possible human smuggling operation may be part of the investigation.

Stay tuned for more updates, as this is a developing story.

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