E!: Is there anything you learned from your mom that you would like to pass on to your daughter one day?  

AT: My mom always taught me to be strong and believe in myself, so that is something that I’m going to share with [Jupiter]. I think that has really helped me in my work and business.  

E! What do you love about Goodnest?

AT: I love the company and what they stand for. I love Goodnest because they prioritize sustainability as well as being safe for babies with their ingredients.

E!: What Goodnest products do you use the most at home? 

AT: The Magic Wash is so innovative. For instance, I was at a hotel in Malibu and was like, ‘Oh, we’re not going to take her bag. We just gave her a bath. We’re not that far. It’s only one night.’ She ended up having like pasta all over her and I [knew she was] not gonna go to sleep like this. [The wash] activates underwater and becomes the body wash. I just love that. 

E!: Has becoming a mother influenced how you think about future projects? 

AT: It’s one of the major things that’s changed about me. In the past, I’ve always worked and it wasn’t till having Jupiter that I found I need to go for those [dream projects]. If I’m going to take time away from her, it has to be something like that because it’s hard taking time away from your child. And so one of those dream things is actually going to be launching soon in July and then I’m developing other things that I want to do [too]. It became more about being specific and not wasting time. 

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