Those who follow the invaluable Aaron Rupar, the man with a constant eye on Fox and all Right-Wing media, were stunned to see this tweet yesterday. Though upon reflection, it makes sense:

MAGA Trump followers simply do not know all that is being uncovered. They do not know that the House Oversight Committee has all but proven that a large number of Republicans knew the basic structure of the plan to overtake the January 6th process, one that – it cannot be emphasized enough – is a ceremonial day, or was, until Donald Trump came along.

Trump and his army on Capitol Hill used January 6th as the day they would attempt to steal Joe Biden’s victory and reinstall Donald Trump instead, all because they thought they could. Power for power’s sake and to hell with 233 years under the United States Constitution. As Rep. Jamie Raskin has said, the six most chilling words in the entire investigation were Mike Pence’s words regarding getting into an SUV to be rushed out of the Capitol – and surely not coming back on January 6th, throwing everything into chaos; “I’m not getting in that car.” Pence stayed in the Capitol, refusing to participate in a coup and it it is likely the only reason we’re living in a democracy, for now.

The MAGA Right doesn’t know, and if they did know, they wouldn’t care. The cult continues, marching along in lockstep with a man whose only platform is “I want power,” forming a party-religion whose only guiding principle is, “We want power.”

To that end, the candidates for the GOP nomination to run for the all-too-critical Pennsylvania senate seat opened up by Republican Pat Toomey’s retirement had a debate last night. But a Republican debate creates a dilemma. What do you debate about when your only policy is power for power’s sake? The 2020 Republican convention put forth a platform that dictates… nothing. It’s a blank sheet of paper. It is impossible to see into Donald Trump’s future and thus, they couldn’t possibly know their position on anything until he told them. How could the Pennsylvania candidates possibly know what they believed in last night? NO one has told them anything! All they know is that each one believes he or she is closest to Trump because he’s the one with the power, the only principle that matters.

It embarrassing to watch as a matter of principle. But pair it with the fact that, unbeknownst to any of the Fox-watching MAGAs, who wouldn’t likely care anyway, the House Committee is about to prove that there was a massive conspiracy to steal the presidency, led by the man that they still see as the cult leader.

Shouldn’t they be asked at some point, “Do you believe it was right to try to steal the 2020 election? Was Trump wrong to not transfer power peacefully?” Such notions are silly, yes. Still.

All this is made even more confusing when one considers the very strong possibility that if there were a primary today for the Republican candidate for president between Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump, a lot of money would be on the former to win.

And somehow, the Democrats are, we’re told, losing to these people. God help us all.

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