That includes Kyle’s Big Sky co-star Michelle Forbes, who wrote, “This is BEAUTIFUL news!!! I’m sooo happy for you both!!! Just wonderful to see you both beaming!!!! Sending love to you two!!!” 

Michelle was accompanied by another one of their fellow castmates, Ryan Dorsey, who remarked on the Kyle and Caity’s journey together.  

“Ayyyyyyyyyyye!!!! My man! Congrats you twooo!!” Ryan added. “@caitylotz you gotta good one !. I got to witness him talk about you from the beginning from a casual game night and now this.” 

Caity’s Arrowverse co-stars Danielle PanabakerCandice Patton, and Franz Drameh also joined in on the celebration. Franz commented, “JHEEEEEZZZEEEEE!!! Yes yes big sis getting wed!!! Ayyyy I’m gassssseeeedddd!!!! congrats!” 

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