January 30, 2021

Friendships and alliances could shift in the coming weeks, as Mercury turns retrograde this Saturday, spinning backward through Aquarius and your community sector until February 20. During this time, someone could reveal a not-so-flattering side of themselves or a group effort at work could go seriously sideways due to a slacking person. But don’t panic, Aries! Calmly assess the situation and determine if this is an issue that you can work through with a diplomatic dialogue. After a little healthy communication, you’ll hopefully be able to put this behind you. But if this problematic person refuses to budge, it may be time to part ways. Put your money where your values are on Sunday, as a moon-Neptune alliance forms in your altruistic zone. Look into the ethical stances of your favorite companies. Do they align with your own morals? Stop ordering online from big box chains and opt for indie mom-and-pop stores instead. Feeling particularly charitable? Get involved with a local non-profit, whether you volunteer your time or organize an online fundraiser. Giving back feels good!

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