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It’s your time, Aquarius! After a tough and trying 2020, you’ve finally floated ashore, completing a long swim in the emotion ocean. You sidestroked through those uncomfortable and oft-choppy waters all last year (and boy are your arms tired…). For a sign that’s famously described as “emotionally detached” you hardly fit that picture.

Then along came the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020, AKA the buzzed-about “Christmas star”. As these two galactic giants united—visibly, unless there were clouds—in YOUR sign, you were launched into a bold and expansive new chapter. Talk about being shot out of the cosmic cannon!

If you’re not feeling the renewal, you will soon enough. With the Sun slogging through Capricorn and your sleepy twelfth house until January 19, it might take a couple weeks for your Water Bearer buzz to full kick in. But when Aquarius season begins on January 19, you’ll start to feel propelled by rocket fuel to pursue your solo goals and personal passions. Prepare for liftoff!

Just make sure you get your exciting plans underwaclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” y before January 30, when Mercury turns retrograde  in your sign for three weeks. You may have to hit the pause button temporarily, or go back to the drawing board to tweak your plans. But this will give you a chance to make sure you’ve got a solid launch strategy in place before you commence your epic debuts. The world will be eagerly waiting, so you might as well do it right!

Week 1: January 1-10

Home is where the heat is

Ready for a mental break? For the past six months, your mind has been on constant alert, thanks to activator Mars blazing through Aries and your interactive third house since June 27, 2020. Mars normally stays in one sign for six weeks, so its quadruple-length visit activated your communication sector for an extended cycle.

For many Water Bearers, this also meant multitasking against a constant backdrop of gadget notifications pinging, WFH Zooms, and calls with coworkers, friends, family and co-conspirators of all kinds. Even your social sign felt the utter overload! Throw in the slightly stressful but much-needed socially-distanced interactions, and you may have felt like your head was in a constant spin state that’s left you mentally exhausted and overtaxed at the same time.

This spell of being both wired and tired ends on Wednesday, January 6, as Mars enters Taurus and your fourth house of home, family and foundations until March 3, turning your attention to self-care and personal matters. Are there things around the house you simply haven’t been able to address? Perhaps it’s a renovation project you’d really like to tackle—or it might even be time for a move, a roommate reshuffle or some other home-based matter. Your mother or a female relative could be a source of either motivation or stress (and maybe both).

Between now and March 3, tackle any home or personal life matters head-on. The new Mars-fueled courage and determination helps you move quickly and efficiently. Don’t be surprised if strong feelings and mood swings erupt along the way, thanks to the fourth house’s thin-skinned nature. Hint: There’s nothing like a good cry or a primal scream in the car to clear those channels! Indulge your inner child as needed.

Week 2: January 11-17

Call of duty

This week finds you torn between your desire to pursue your own agenda and a sense of duty to your family and home. Reconciling the dueling agendas won’t be easy, and you could find that by trying to please everyone, you please no one. Prioritize your passions, Aquarius, but make time to relax with loved ones, indulge in restorative self-care or attend to matters at base camp.

This tension is the result of two activating planets, Mars and Uranus, racing through Taurus and your domestic fourth house, which could bring curveballs and pressure to your personal life. You may be moving, making unexpected changes to your living situation or attending to a relative in need. The demands could definitely spike your stress levels and provoke a few intense mood swings.

At the same time, expansive Jupiter and structured Saturn have just nestled into Aquarius and your first house of self, independence and personal projects. You’ve got big ideas and missions to accomplish, and you don’t have time to be held back by too many people depending on you.

It class=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” all begins on Wednesday, January 13, when Mars and Saturn get embroiled in a tense square. You’re in front of some important personal decisions, perhaps even at a crossroads. With Saturn in your sign from December 17, 2020 until March 7, 2023, you’re at the beginning of a powerful new chapter. But it’s one that will demand your focused attention, and that won’t leave much time to take care of other people.

With stressful Mars ratcheting up the neediness from your inner circle, keeping firm boundaries—which is what Saturn’s all about—will be essential. Teach them how to fish instead of rushing in for the save, and make sure YOU have enough support if you find yourself pulled into guilt trips or other old family dynamics that are hard to overcome.

On Thursday, January 14, changemaker Uranus, your ruling planet, ends a five-month retrograde. Instability or slowdowns related to your family or living situation will clear up. If you’ve been at a crossroads about where to live or a personal decision, innovative Uranus could bring in some unexpected new options.

That same day, the Sun makes its annual conjunction (meetup) with shadowy Pluto in Capricorn and your twelfth house of closure and healing. Some deeply-buried emotions could emerge or you may need to summon the courage to end a toxic situation for once and for all. Perhaps you’ve been sticking around out of fear, guilt or some misplaced sense of obligation. Cut the codependent ties and follow what your soul is telling you, Aquarius.

If you’re still hanging on, don’t worry, because come Sunday, January 17, liberation will be a requirement, not an option. Your ruling planet Uranus will form an embattled square to Jupiter, pushing you to break free of anything that feels confining or limiting. These two freedom-seeking planets only square off every seven years, and when they do, it’s impossible to stay in a situation you’ve outgrown.

Strong feelings erupt today and you won’t be able to bite your tongue. They may bubble up without notice, and before you know it, you’re having THAT conversation. But if you’re planning to drop a bombshell, make sure you have some emotional support at the ready. The fallout of making a big, life-altering decision could have more impact than you expect.

Week 3: January 18-24

Awake at last! Aquarius season begins this week, as the Sun joins Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in the Water Bearer’s domain this Tuesday, January 19, staying until February 18. You’re ready to dive into your 2021 goals and resolutions with full focus. Bring it on!

Midweek, you could be a bundle of nerves and feelings! On Wednesday, January 20, hotheaded Mars and volatile Uranus connect in Taurus and your touchy fourth house. Your moods may be mercurial and your temper could be like an active volcano on the verge of eruption.

With these two game-changing planets in your fourth house of home and family, this week may also bring curveball news about your living situation. Perhaps your dream home suddenly goes on the market and you decide to buy at a rock-bottom price. Maybe your landlord announces she’s selling the building that you’ve rented in for years, or you decide to rip up your roots and relocate…cuz why not? For Water Bearers of the childbearing set, pregnancy news (yours or a relative’s) could come out of the blue!

Your emotions get way overblown on Saturday, January 23, as Mars squares off with outspoken Jupiter in Aquarius. Resentment will boil over toward anyone who seems to be holding you back or demanding too much of you. You’re only human, Aquarius—but remember, so are they! Most people are feeling sapped and burnt out these days. If you bit off more than you could chew, or took on the role of caretaker then crashed, don’t get mad, just make a new arrangement. Relieve yourself of any burdensome emotional duties and decisions for a bit.

But that doesn’t mean you should slip into denial! Take a hard look in the mirror on Saturday as sobering Saturn and the Sun make their annual conjunction, meeting up in Aquarius. This once-a-year alliance rips off the rose-colored glasses and forces us to confront our limitations and shortcomings. Harsh? Yes, but like any tough-love coach or bootcamp trainer, Saturn is “cruel to be kind.”

On this day of self-reckoning, keep it real with yourself—but be compassionate! You’ve been through an incredibly tough 2020, weathering nonstop planetary action in your twelfth house of loss, closure and transition.

If you’re out of shape mentally or physically, or you’ve lapsed into bad habits or addictions, forgiveness is the path to grace. Hitting rock bottom? Good. But once you’ve acknowledged that, make a plan for how you’ll get out of this hole instead of digging yourself in deeper. A coach, expert or supportive mentor can help, so don’t hesitate to send out an SOS. You don’t have to do it alone!

Week 4: January 25-31

Me, myself and I

This week continues to energize your personal goals and passion projects. With the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn all in Aquarius, you’ve got cosmic clearance to prioritize your own agenda, although you may have to navigate a few obstacles along the way. Nevertheless, you shall persist—and hopefully pick up a few new allies along the way!

On Tuesday, January 26, the Sun in Aquarius will square off against disruptor Uranus (your ruler) in stubborn Taurus, echoing the tension of the January 13 Mars-Uranus square. Your need for “me time” or to pursue your own goals is at odds with curveballs from home and family, particularly a female relative.

One Aquarius we know is juggling supporting her mother going through radiation treatments, a best friend whose family is also dealing with a medical crisis and extended travel away from home to be there for everyone. Just remember that “wherever you go, there you are”—and try a meditation app like Headspace, Calm or Aura to keep calm and centered.

This kind of uprootedness could push you over the edge if you don’t take time for your own needs and self-care in January. We know it won’t be easy to carve out that space, but your mental wellbeing depends on it! Plus, you could find yourself in “caretaker burnout” which could lead you to snap at the very people you’re trying to help. Balance is key!

Luckily, the stars summon your support squad in the nick of time at the Thursday, January 28, Leo full moon, which blossoms in your seventh house of committed partnerships. Is it time for a relationship to turn official, or increase the commitment level? Joyful Leo says go for it.

Because, hey, you’re in the magic hotseat today, Aquarius—a well-deserved throne, might we add! Along with the Leo full moon, the Sun will conjunct expansive Jupiter in its once-a-year meetup, known as the Day of Miracles and considered by astrologers to be one of the luckiest days of the year.

In 2021, the Sun and Jupiter are meeting up in YOUR sign, tripling your fortune. Put yourself out there, pump up a passion project, make a big announcement about a solo endeavor. Love, business success, artistic expression—whatever’s most important to YOU will get a big boclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” ost today.

Take advantage of this moment, though, because on Saturday, January 30, communication planet Mercury will go retrograde until February 20. Mercury will back through Aquarius—and put you in a different kind of hotseat. Your splashy announcements could fall flat or be eclipsed by other things.

Dip behind the scenes for a couple weeks, learn from your launch and tighten up your beta version so it’s truly ready for prime time. Be extra careful of what you say, post or announce because you WILL be called to task for anything off-color or offensive. This is meant to be your luckiest year in over a decade, Aquarius, and you don’t want to squander it by attracting the wrong kind of PR  during Mercury’s backspin. When in doubt, cut it out!


Get out of your head and into your heart! After six long months in Aries, passionate Mars leaves your cerebral third house and moves into Taurus, activating your touchy-feely fourth until March 3. Since June 27, 2020, Mars has had your mind going a mile a minute, leading to bouts of indecisiveness, analysis paralysis and, as often as not, overthinking everything! In your hyperactive mind, the grass was greener and FOMO raged—or perhaps because of pandemic, there was a lot of TALK but not so much true connection.

From January 6 to March 3, Mars will tour Taurus and help you get back into your body and your heart. This is a great time for self-care, redecorating (and in the process) re-energizing your home. Anything that needs a fire lit under it will benefit now. Just stay on guard for friction with relatives and roommates since Mars motivates and aggravates!

Venus has been in Sagittarius and your social eleventh house, but she’ll pull up stakes on January 8, relocating to Capricorn and your twelfth house of fantasy. This is a healing zone, so you might take a little time out to visualize, meditate, journal or get over a heartbreak. In the privacy of your own thoughts, you can release something that no longer fits into your life or brings joy.

On January 9, Venus and Mars form their annual harmonious trine, heralding a beautiful moment of tenderness and connecting heart to heart. Pay attention to authentic feelings that arise at this time; they might just surprise you!

Key Dates:

January 9: Venus-Mars trine

Bring on the lasting love! As affectionate Venus and passionate Mars harmonize in stable earth signs, you could have true romance with all the trimmings—sensuality and stability. Skip the “come here now go away” players and their mixed messages. A partner who makes you feel secure is suddenly the most attractive catch in town. Coupled? Mark a long-term relationship with a thoughtful gift to let your mate know how much you cherish them.



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