The Bears made Andy Dalton an offer he couldn’t refuse.

In his introductory news conference, the veteran quarterback went over most of the usual: his work ethic, his personality, getting an opportunity again, all the expected stuff. But before putting pen to paper with Chicago, Dalton said the team promised him one thing: the chance to start again.

“They told me I was the starter,” Dalton said (via ESPN). “That was one of the reasons why I wanted to come here. So every conversation I’ve had has been that, so that’s the assurance that I’ve gotten.”

Dalton doesn’t really have a ton of competition in the Bears’ QB room to solidify that status as starter. The current rostered quarterbacks are Dalton and Nick Foles, who was pretty mediocre in 2020.

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Dalton spent the 2020 season with the Cowboys, being thrust into action as Dallas starter after Dak Prescott’s ankle injury cost him his season. Dalton played in 11 games, starting nine, throwing for 2,170 yards, 14 touchdowns and eight interceptions in a very up-and-down season. He also missed time after sustaining a concussion.

Dalton’s signing with Dallas was understood to be a one-year deal to rebuild his value and get a starting job again down the road. It seems to have worked out for him.

The Bears made the Seahawks a Godfather offer for Russell Wilson, but trade talks fell apart, leading to Dalton’s signing.

Obviously, in the NFL, things change on the snap of a ball, so Dalton’s standing as a starter only matters as much as what the Bears do (or don’t do) between now and the start of the 2021 season.

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