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An American’s Desperate Effort to Save Her Family in Gaza

Following an Israeli airstrike on a camp for displaced Palestinians in Rafah, Gaza, Rolla Alaydi, a Palestinian American, could not reach her family members in Rafah for days, leaving her unsure if they had survived the attack.

We’re going to start a long journey of trying to get them out of Gaza to the safety. I have a total of 21 family members, and they are scattered in different areas of Gaza. They took a decision not to be in one area in case something happened — not all of them will be killed or bombed. Before the war started, all my family, they have their degree. They have all their own career. They lived a very decent life. I feel just hopeless doing nothing. Just waiting and time, just killing me. I cannot even give them the medicine that I got for them. I don’t know what to do. Not strong at all. Not strong at all. When I saw the images of burning tents and the bombing of Rafah, I almost got heart attack because I know for sure my brother, his six kids and his wife, they are in tent in Rafah. This could be my family. They could be burned. They could be killed. The internet signal is weak. It took a whole week from the incident of Rafah to know about my family that they survived. I don’t know what will happen to them next hour. Every hour is unpredictable. If I don’t hear from my family in three days, going to the fourth, I go insane. Voice message: “Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number and dial again.” My mind is just going all over the scenarios. Like they could be killed, they could be bombed, they could be burned, and no one recognized their faces. And that is the most — horrific, scary feeling. I have to be strong just for my family. All my family, 21 family members, depends on me. I’m their only source of hope.

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