Yesterday, AMD uploaded a video on its official YouTube video revealing a new feature called “Voice Suppression,” allowing users to filter background noise, Tom’s Hardware reports.

The leaked trailer mentions AMD Noise Suppression will use a “real-time deep learning algorithm” to provide users with “two-way noise-reduction” that will filter out background noise from both incoming and outgoing microphone audio. The video also suggests that Noise Suppression will be a new setting found in the Audio and Video Tab in the AMD Adrenaline driver. AMD has since removed the trailer from its YouTube channel, though Reddit user u/zenobian managed to download the trailer and post it on the AMD subreddit.

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AMD Noise Suppression sounds interesting, and the concept reminds me of Nvidia’s RTX Voice. This beta software launched in early 2020 and allowed Nvidia graphics card owners to improve their outgoing audio quality by eliminating most of their background noise using AI. While RTX was in the name, a patched version of RTX Voice supports older cards such as the GTX 1060, but your mileage will vary if you use a non-RTX card. Nvidia would later include the feature in an app called Broadcast, which launched in September 2020 and requires an RTX GPU.

AMD did not immediately respond to IGN’s request for comment.

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