Six years later, Jeff Bezos is finally hopping on the TikTok wagon. Today, Amazon Prime has teamed up with Big Spaceship, an independent creative agency, to take its first step in establishing Prime’s presence on TikTok. This new appearance will hopefully create brand affinity and drive consistent engagement with Gen Z, since TikTok usage is currently surging among younger users.

The new Prime channel on TikTok will “streamline the brand voice into one cohesive social feed.” And TikTok will be the first platform for the company to “cultivate its own social media foothold, to be followed by Instagram later this year,” said an Amazon Prime spokesperson.

As of this writing, Amazon Prime (@prime) has 39,000 followers on TikTok with the bio saying, “Quick to deliver, slow to TikTok.” There are 144 likes on its first-ever video, which was posted about one hour ago.

The video, derived from a creative concept titled “Delivering all the TikTok Trends at the Speed of Prime,” shows singer Jason Derulo (52.2 million followers) with the caption, “POV: Prime just got to TikTok and asks you what they missed.”

There are then clips of Jason trying out some of the app’s most popular trends such as Savage Love Dance, the Silhouette Challenge, Berries and Cream, among other silly filters, and TikTok sounds.

Over 200 million people globally have an Amazon Prime subscription (available in 22 countries) and young adults are its most prominent users. There are a total of over 157.4 million Amazon Prime users in the United States.

TikTok is available in more than 150 countries, has a whopping 1 billion or more users, and has been downloaded 200+ million times in the U.S. The highly popular app will most likely have a major impact on Amazon Prime’s subscriber growth, as a larger audience will find the company’s new channel. However, let’s hope they have more influential and trending TikTok creators in their next video, instead of a 32-year-old singer that not a lot of Gen Z users might recognize…

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