Amanda Seyfried is weighing in on Elizabeth Holmes‘ new reality—life behind bars.

The actress, who portrayed the former Theranos CEO in 2022 TV series The Dropout, shared her thoughts on Holmes starting her 11-year prison sentence on May 30, the same day Seyfried appeared on Good Morning America.

“I feel for those kids,” Seyfried said of Holmes’ children—William, 22 months and Invicta, 3 months—whom she shares with Billy Evans. “There’s two kids that are hanging in the balance here, as a parent I’m just like—as a mom—I don’t know.”

And for Holmes herself, Seyfried had a few short words to say about justice. “Life’s not fair,” Seyfired added, “but in a lot of ways, it’s fair, for her in particular.”

Her comments came hours after Holmes reported to a women’s prison camp in Bryan, Texas to serve time for her role in the Theranos fraud case. She was found guilty of one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and three counts of wire fraud in January 2022, more than seven years after the Wall Street Journal reported that her blood start-up company’s technology was faulty. (She pleaded not guilty and was acquitted on four other counts.)

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