Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that Trump’s SCOTUS nominees lied to the Senate, so the Supreme Court must be expanded.

Rep. Schiff was right. The conservative majority on the Supreme Court has shown the nation who they are and what their agenda is all about. Even if Roe is saved through federal legislation, there will be more attacks on liberty coming from the high court.

Voters who believe in protecting the rights of women, gay people to marry, and even children to receive a public education need to vote for candidates who are willing to expand the count.

America can’t get rid of the Trump/McConnell justices, but they can dilute them.

Roe is just the first crisis. If the vague language of the draft opinion makes it into the final ruling the result will be a court-led attack on personal liberty the likes of which would be unprecedented.

The American people need to elect a new Congress in November that will make dealing with the legislate from the bench right-wing SCOTUS majority a top priority.

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