INDIANAPOLIS — The division over abortion rights was on full display at the Indiana Statehouse Saturday.

Groups of activists on both sides of the issues held rallies today to make their stances known.

Despite the Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe vs. Wade, abortion remains legal in Indiana. However, that’s likely to change when lawmakers convene at the statehouse for a special session next month.

“It’s basic healthcare and healthcare is a right,” pro-abortion rights activist Jasmine Ray said.

“Today it is our rights, but tomorrow it could be yours,” Women for Change CEO Rima Shahid said.

Hundreds of abortion rights advocates gathered at the statehouse, expressing their disappointment in the court’s decision.

“We just think it’s super important to make it known that women are capable of making our own decisions regarding our reproductive health,” Ray said.

Some said they are worried about women’s safety going forward.

“It’s not going to stop abortion it’s not gonna stop abortion at all it’s going to stop safe abortion,” Andrea Oliver said.

Along with those who are supportive of abortion rights, there were those present who are against them.

“We care about creation and we think fetal lives matter,” Terri Yarrito said.

“We just came out to show our support for life,” James Wallace said.

Some of them told us they feel their prayers have been answered.

“I don’t think we can be blessed as a nation and continue to be blessed if we keep killing his creation,” Yarrito said.

What both sides are now focused on is that special session where lawmakers will decide how Indiana will handle the issue.

“We are here to let our legislators know that we don’t want to be a state that restricts someone with a uterus’ right to make healthcare decisions with their doctor,” Emily Fisher said.

“It’s not going to be a legal everywhere so people can literally just go somewhere else if they want to get it if it’s not legal in their state,” Yarrito said.

One anti-abortion rights advocate said there can be discussion on if there should be any exceptions to a full ban.

“Every abortion results in a death and that is more significant to me than the possibility of someone dying in childbirth,” Wallace said.

Those fighting to keep abortion legal said they know they have an uphill battle, but they’re still holding out hope.

“I’m hoping that some of the legislators who might be on the fence which I know is a longshot maybe will listen to us,” Ray said.

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