Say her name. Remember her face. 

Remember: It’s not just what “was” that was taken away. Taylor never got to find out “what could be.”


That her killers walk free while Taylor died for committing no crime is no accident. It’s just the system working.


Louisville Police may have turned Taylor into a statistic, but she was a person.

Women of color—particularly Black women—rarely attract much attention when they’re victims of police brutality. Taylor’s mom, Tamika Palmer, is thankful she, with the help of attorney Ben Crump, was able to garner wide concern for Taylor’s killing even as she continues to seek justice and police accountability. “I couldn’t imagine something like this happening to her and that nobody was paying attention,” Palmer told The 19th.

The #SayHerName movement didn’t start with Taylor, and it does not end with her.


No justice. No peace. 


This powerful video from LeBron James’ More than a Vote shows how Breonna Taylor’s death changed us.


Again: The battle for police reform is far from over. 

Missouri Rep. Cori Bush says it better than I could.


Please feel free to share tributes to Breonna yourself, both on social media and in the comments.

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