Dear Amy: In college in Montana, I majored in equine studies. After trying for four years, I finally got into an extremely competitive internship working with thoroughbreds in Kentucky. I started right after graduation.

During my junior year I met my boyfriend, “Alex.” We have now been together for over three years. I can’t imagine my life without him.

Alex started law school when I started the internship. I absolutely loved the internship, even though I was working 12-hour days. But I still cried most days and held onto one of his sweatshirts every night.

When the internship ended, I got a job with a poultry company back in Montana. A year and a half later, I have not stopped talking about or thinking about Kentucky.

My boyfriend is from Indiana and wants to return to his hometown after graduation, where he will have a client base and connections.

Kentucky is completely out of the picture for him, but I would love to go back. Neither one of us wants to deliver an ultimatum, but he said that if I go back to Kentucky, it would likely put the “nail in the coffin” for us.

I don’t think we could do long distance again.

My heart is torn. I know that we need to grow as individuals, but I am so lost.

Will I be wondering “what if” forever?

Do I really have to choose between chasing my dreams and love?

— Woman Torn in Two

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