Susie Wright is consistently a top source for sartorial inspiration given her style sensibilities and fashion résumé. She worked as a Nordstrom buyer for years and is currently a stylist and influencer with her blog, So Susie. She recently shared with us the ageless staples she wears to create some of her best outfits. She also just sent over a few more of her coveted pieces, which she used for her recent wardrobe makeover.

When she sorted through her closet, she added these staples to refresh and upgrade her selection. They’re current standbys because of their versatile, simple, and easy-to-style nature. We’re talking about items like modern blazers and quality denim cuts.

Intrigued? Wonderful. Keep scrolling to check out the fresh summer items that enhanced Wright’s closet. There’s also a range of outfit ideas and shopping recommendations below.

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