According to board-certified dermatologist Brendan Camp, MD, the answer is yes! I’ve written about this particular ingredient quite a bit because it has so many different benefits and is great for every skin type. Niacinamide can treat acne and dryness while also benefitting those with oily skin because it keeps your skin from overproducing oil throughout the day. Camp says, “Niacinamide is a vitamin B derivative that is included in skincare
products because of its beneficial impacts on skin health, such as reducing inflammation, pore size, and the appearance of blemishes. It is also well tolerated by all skin types.”

If you struggle with body breakouts, it can definitely help to use an exfoliant a few times a week (my favorite is Nécessaire’s Body Exfoliator), but finding a body lotion that contains niacinamide may provide further acne-clearing benefits. “It may help treat body acne because of its anti-inflammatory properties, ability to fortify the skin barrier, and ability to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone,” Camp explains. This makes it great for both acne and the dark spots that tend to follow. I found that adding it to my daily bodycare routine helped fade so many dark spots on my back from previous breakouts. I also won’t lie—I hit the gym a lot and tend to break out around my butt area, and adding niacinamide into the mix really reduced the number of bumps I was getting and the dark spots there too. Check out a few of our recs below.

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